My Testimony.

This happened in the year 1997, I was nine year old then. My dad was serving in the army 2000 Kms away. Me and mom lived together in my hometown Bangalore. Life was hard then. Dad visited us once or twice a year.

But mom was a beleiver and a very faithful women. Every evening she would make me sit along for Bible study and prayer. We prayed together everyday. I would never miss reading a chapter or two from the Bible before leaving to School. I memorized so many verses, I once stood first in a memory verse competition at my Church.

Mom would teach me stories from the Bible everyday. I especially enjoyed reading verses from Revelation where the Bible talks about beasts coming out of the sea, about Heaven and about stars falling from the sky. I would ask mom many questions from the Bible. Jesus was my superhero then.

One day me and mom went to visit my aunt who stayed 20 Kms away. Same day around 4 o'clock we set to visit my aunt's brother-in-law who stayed about 2 Kms away from her place.

This uncle's house had quiet a big terrace. So me and my cousin were playing on the terrace running accross from one end to the other.

In the middle of the terrace, there were iron strings fixed for line drying clothes, and they were hanging low, at about my neck's height.


Therefore, whenever I came close to the strings running, I slowed down, lowered myself, crossed the strings, then again went running to the other end. This continued for about 20 minutes.

It was evening. I decided to run accross the terrace again. As I gained momentum, I forgot there were strings in between because the sun was set and the strings became invisible.

I ran at full speed and hit my neck on the string. That should have cut my throat!

The moment I hit the string, I became unconcious, but I had the feeling of free falling backwards.


The moment I was about to hit my head on the concrete floor, a hand held my head and slowly lowered me on the ground.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was surrounded by people who were tall and radiant, clothed in white robes.

I felt like I was in a different world. They were all standing close to me and were standing around me in a circle.

But all of their attention were at someone else, at someone who was standing at my left-hand side.

When I rolled my eyes at the direction of their attention, I beheld a sight very few have witnessed. I saw the creator of the universe, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords "Jesus," the Son of God.

HE spoke these three words to the person that was standing at my right-hand side; "En pullayai parthukol," which means "Take care of my son." After He spoke these words, He turned back and took a step, and at His second step, HIM and everyone dissapeared.

My body started functioning again. I was able to move my body. I rose up and checked my neck, there was no sign of injury. I was fit and fine. I ran to my mom, and told everything that happened.

And to this day in 2021, I cannot keep quiet, I want to let the world know that Jesus is alive, and HE is coming soon.

My dear friend, I'm so glad you are here. If you have a prayer request or would like to know about Jesus, please Write to me.